1. Ice Cream Cone Necklaces : Hello, Wonderful

2. Ice Cream Cone Wall Planters : Aww, Sam

3. Ice Cream Painted Shoes : The Proper Blog

4. Yarn Cone Garland : The Happy Flammily

5. Ice Cream Tote : Lana Red Studio

6. Ice Cream Hair Ties : Willowday

7. Ice Cream Elbow Patches : Studio DIY

8. Cute Coin Purse : Craft Hobby

9. Felt Necklaces : Artzy Creations

10. Ribbon Clips : Sew McCool

11. Ice Cream Mug : Leigh Laurel Studios

12. Ruffled Ice Cream Cones : Icing Designs

13. Ice Cream Phone Pouch : DIY & Crafts

14. Ice Cream Hat : Brite and Bubbly

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